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When did an imperfect human become the determiner of your life? Shouldn’t that be God’s plan? How do we still stand for this? I constantly hear my teachers talking and think, don’t they live in the real world? Why do they talk as if what they giving us is 100% assured to give us jobs? Are they not living in the world where first class students are jobless? I admire them for seeing the world a different way but I think it’s time we stopped making them rich. It’s time education becomes refundable. Maybe we’ll stop dropping out.

To be honest I don’t trust them anymore. Am in class listening to how this lec is speaking and wondering if what is awarded to us is fair. I mean they human. They controlled by emotions just like I am. So is what they awarding us really fair? Maybe that’s why we don’t see those in first class in offices. Honestly, I’d rather have a machine determine my marks.

Fast forward to a nigga being employed. Why do we do search for employment anymore? Is the salary worth the all struggle you’ve been through? I know I can do better but there are minimal opportunities for a nigga out here. Is that really true? Many billionaires come from nothing so why do we constantly make pathetic excuses? We let them bosses control us. I guess that makes us slaves doesn’t it?

Don’t we all have brains? Why don’t we use it to our perfection to perfect our future? I mean I worship God but study the greats. I study what made them fail. What contribution they made before being buried six feet under. I feel like we should replace them from their unending slumber. They fought for us but we forget so easily how much they had to suffer.

We constantly fail them. We study them but we do the opposite of what we learn from them. Let’s take one of the greats as an example. Let’s take Bob Marley. He wrote and sang songs of hope but what do we actually feed our kids? Why do we feed them this ugly songs? We made this world ugly by supporting those songs for so long. The question is, do we really want them to grow up in this ugly world? What would become of them? We, the future leaders have the opportunity to change all this but we stand for the trashy music they produce.


We make them rich while we remain poor and soul wrecked by their trashy lyrics. What I actually hate about their music is that I actually like their music. I dance to it and even sing along but what does it actually do to our minds and souls? Does it make us feel full or empty? I like to dance to the tune but is life all about fun? What are we showing our kids? They made their lyrics catchy and their videos trashy. How are we rescue our kid’s brains from forgetting the lyrics? How are we gonna make them unsee their trashy videos?

I would rather be silent than influence the young fragile naïve mind negatively. I’d rather be broke and dead. But I ask them do they think they deserve to be paid for influencing the young minds negatively? Is money at the expense of destroying the future minds worth it?

Would you rather listen to Bob Marley or J.Cole or them? I mean love yours teaches me to love whatever I have regardless of it being minute. They teach me that life is all about money, drugs and sex. You tell me, which is more soul satisfying? Do their music cure or harm our souls? We’re the most depressed generation but how can we not be if our souls are consistently damaged by their music?  I mean what happens to a river when a dead body gets dumped in it, doesn’t life cease? Their dead music is corrupting our lively and vulnerable souls. And its killing us from the inside and we showing it on the outside. We constantly depressed and unhappy of our God given lives.

Am I the only nigga that feels more depressed when listening to them lyrics? If the music does this to me what does it do to the young mind? Am I the only one that cares for the young minds and souls? Do the young appreciate whatever small they have or are they depressed of not living the “good life” of money, pussy and parties? Don’t they know some of this niggas out here singing this songs are empty and depressed as fuck?

They have a very strong influence over us but they using this badly. Do they feel proud when a young blood sings their songs? I mean this young niggas out here know their lyrics by heart. Doesn’t that make their hearts trashy too? I fear what we’re doing to the young minds. I mean this young niggas worship this mafackers. My apologies for my non intended vulgar language but how can i fight fire with water, how can i not show my anger and my disappointment towards them?  Imagine what the young are gonna sing when they grow up liking this songs and taking them as role models. Their creativity is affected for sure.


I fear what the Lord’s gonna do to us for corrupting His young souls. We’re the modern day Sodom and Gomorra. The question is, when’s our time to burn in Sulphur coming? I bet it’s sooner than we think. I constantly as myself is it gonna be today? Or tomorrow? I know the Lord’s angry at us. We consistently feed the young with trashy information and think we gonna escape? Come on, we in the real world of course we gonna burn for our sins. We all know what’s gonna happen and we just being ignorant. I just pray that the Lord helps us and spares us from your wrath coz we really sorry for corrupting Your young souls.

The young souls came into this world soo very innocent. Look at them now. What‘s coming out of their mouths? What are they listening to? What are they watching? How are they dancing? They guilty and I know they don’t even know it. How could we ever let this happen? Am I the only one who’s not blind to what their influence is doing? If am not why hasn’t anyone talked? Why do we keep our mouths shut? Or are we proud of what the music is doing? I refuse to remain silent, I can’t stand this shit anymore.

But can we really blame a nigga for trying to put food on the table? I guess not but what’s the cost of them eating while our souls hungers? I ask them again, is it really worth it? Is the money worth the exchange of a young soul? Are you happy now that you’re wealthy? Do you even listen to your stuff word by word? If you do you like it? If you do you like the influence it has on everybody? Am guessing not that’s if you’ve taken your time to think long and hard about the negativity it brings to the world.

I listen to your stuff and I know you can do better but the dent done by your music is too visible and too big for you to cure the young minds alone. I just wish you all can come together and mend it. I wish you developed the thirst to want to correct what you’ve done, but do you even understand what you’ve done?

I know what’s ringing in your minds right now when you reading all this. You all thinking am a hater. But have I really hated or am I just saying what you think hard about when your alone. Am I not just revealing your secret nightmares? What harm am I really doing speaking my mind if I make you change? You do more harm than good so to me I don’t really care what you think coz you’ve never cared about the harm you’re doing. I just wish you could get where am coming from and change. I wish your eyes could see beyond the fun and open wide to see the harm done.