Author: King'ang'i

I know am at this again but how can I not write more about this if they continue releasing new stuff every day. Just like them am never gonna stop am always gonna write about their stuff not because I hate this niggas but coz am a conscious fan. My eyes are wide open to what their music is doing. [...]

I bet you’re curious about what I really find fucked up about all this? I’ve got to take you back for a moment. I have to take you back to one of my childhood thoughts. I think I was the most naïve kid alive. I used to think that churches were supposed to be attended by all from the rich to [...]

WE SEE, WE HEAR THEM BUT WE IGNORE THEM. Have you ever looked back at the past and see and want those simple days to come back? Are your dreams filled with the good old times? Personally nowadays I just have nightmares. Everything that’s going on is soo much to handle. I consistently get [...]

Have you ever looked back after coming out of a relationship and thought, was this love forbidden? Have you ever wished you had kept it hidden and maybe just maybe the heart ache wouldn’t be there? Maybe if you had kept it hidden you wouldn’t be drunk as you are right now coz he or she left you [...]

SELF-DOUBT When did an imperfect human become the determiner of your life? Shouldn’t that be God’s plan? How do we still stand for this? I constantly hear my teachers talking and think, don’t they live in the real world? Why do they talk as if what they giving us is 100% assured to give us [...]

Who doesn’t need an escape? In this crazy and cruel world we all need that one thing that makes us relax. Amidst all the disappointments, the failures and the losses we all need an escape from reality, don't we? My escape That would be weed. Ever since I can remember I have used weed as an [...]

Am at a point where I donno whats gonna happen next, life has become unpredictable and increasingly tough especially for a young nigga out here. Am at a point where I don’t trust anyone with my secrets, I constantly remain silent am too careful of the things I say coz you never know who you can [...]