Author: Blakan

Becoming a self-made graphic designer does not necessarily mean that you have to go the 4 year Degree route. This is an art that can be learned by anybody who is willing to put in the effort and the time that it requires. To me, it is easy to go the self-taught route. To me, graphic design is [...]

Coming up with groundbreaking ideas can be a bit challenging. This makes many graphic designers feel underestimated especially when they can’t create a perfect design that satisfies the client’s needs.  Designers have the responsibility of reading the mind of clients and putting down the [...]

  With the current rapid technological evolution, graphic design is experiencing a drastic change in terms of how general designing is been done nowadays. Software is a key tool for every graphic designer. There are so many programs in the market for graphic designing, in today’s article [...]

Doing something creative is one of the most amazing experiences one can have in a lifetime. Everyone who is interested in graphic design is troubled by a few questions running within them often for example ’How can I be creative? How can I create unique designs every time?’  It is very easy to [...]